Breakfast Menu


Breakfast  @ The Back Alley Bakery

Served until 11 AM


Sweet Start  Warm cinnamon roll (caramel, pecan, or frosted) and a cup of fruit.  $6.79


Basic Breakfast  Two eggs cooked to order, toast, choice of sausage or bacon.  $8.99

(Sub cinnamon roll for toast +$2) (Choose plant-based sausage +$1.50)


Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole Made with our house-made cinnamon rolls baked into a gooey casserole. Served with two eggs cooked to order and a side of sausage or bacon. $12.49 (+$1.50 plant-based sausage)


Hearty Breakfast Sandwich* Fried egg, cheddar, and three meats (bacon, sausage, and ham) on toasted Back Alley Bakery bread with garlic mayo.  Served with fruit or breakfast potatoes.  $12.79


Hungry Man’s Breakfast Burrito Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage,  jalapeno,  cheddar cheese, potatoes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.  Served with fruit or breakfast potatoes.  $12.79


Down Home Biscuits and Gravy Flaky house-made biscuits covered with creamy house-made sausage gravy; served with two eggs cooked to order. $10.99


Avocado Toast* Toasted Back Alley Bakery bread spread with garlic mayo and smashed avocado and topped with two eggs cooked to order.  Served with fresh fruit. $11.29


Sunrise Scrambler Two eggs scrambled with bell peppers, onions, diced ham, and cheddar cheese; served with fresh fruit and warm cinnamon roll. $11.29


South Beach Scrambler Egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, and plant-based sausage, topped with mozzarella and avocado.  Served with fresh fruit. $11.29 


Granola Parfait Creamy vanilla yogurt, layered with fresh fruit and house-made granola. $8.49


*Need a gluten-free option?  We offer a cauliflower-based alternative (+$2), 

which can be substituted for bread in our breakfast sandwich or avocado toast.  

(NOTE: because of the high volume of wheat flour used in our facility, 

this product is likely to come in contact with gluten, so those with extreme sensitivity should use caution.)

A LA CARTE $3.49


Two Eggs | Two Pieces of Bacon | Breakfast Potatoes | Cup of Fruit | Toast

Two Sausage Patties (+$1.50 Plant-based Sausage Patties)

Caramel Cinnamon Roll | Frosted Cinnamon Roll | Pecan Roll




Local Love  -

BACK ALLEY SPECIAL- Fruity Fresco- 4.25

Mango Madness- Passion fruit, start fruit and Mango

Watermelon Reset- Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint

LeNoir Cold Brew Coffee (Regular or Honey)  5

Ensign Beverage Kombucha -Wild Berry 3.5


Bottled Beverages

Orange juice, Bubly Sparkling Water (lime), Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lemonade, Iced Tea (Sweet, Raspberry), Bubbl’r (Tropical Dream, Twisted Elixir,

 Triple Berry)  2.5

 Water (bottle); Starry (can)  2

Bottomless Brews

Iced tea 2.5

         Coffee (Regular or Decaffeinated) 2.5

Hot tea 2.5

Decaf: Chamomile, Green Tea

Caffeinated: Earl Gray, Moroccan Mint, Peach Paradise, Jasmine, Gunpowder Green, Boldly Blackberry, Raspberry, Sweet Pomegranate, Coconut Chai

Other       Hot chocolate  2.5   Milk (whole)  2    Chocolate Milk  2.5

Wine by the glass (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio)  7


Beer  (First Street Brewing Company  Popular Blonde  or  Back Alley Porter)  5



         Bailey’s & Coffee 6.5                                  Old fashioned   8

         Mimosa  8                                               Espresso Margarita 8

         Bloody Mary  8                                             Mai Tai   8

         Vodka Sunrise  8                                          Blackberry Tequila   8 

         Strawberry or regular Margarita  8