Artisanal Breads

The Back Alley Bakery creates natural, unprocessed “artisan breads” baked fresh every day. We use the most wholesome ingredients possible with NO added preservatives. Each week our crew starts the bread-making process by grinding our own wheat and rye grains obtained from local, organic growers. All of our breads are sourdough, taking several days between the initial mixing of the “sponge” to the artful glide into the brick oven using our homemade peel.

Call ahead to reserve a loaf of your choice!

Breads made either daily or every other day:

Toasted 5 seed

Cracked wheat

Whole wheat

Honey wheat

9 grain



Cranberry pecan

Blue cheese

Blueberry almond

Breads available by special order (usually available with 24 hours' notice):


Cheesy garlic


Sweet potato


Keto-paleo friendly

Light rye

Marble rye

Seeded light rye

Russian rye

Pepper cheddar 

Honey oat

Apple spice

Cinnamon raisin

Raisin pecan

Sprouted wheat